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Collaboration yields great results. That is that and there should be no doubt about it. Across the board, in any industry, brainstorms, idea boards and good working groups harness the dynamic duo of efficiency and effectiveness. Working groups are also a progressive, natural and constructive platform for diversity and inclusion while also yielding real-time, practical business solutions.

Every organization has great minds. Great minds are always inspired and challenged by the opportunity to solve challenges and to do so in the presence of other great minds. The act of cultivating creativity by making space for a challenge that asks, “how…

References And Role Models Are Not The Same

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I had a great conversation with one of my personal (and professional) advisory board members this week. It started with a discussion about people we admire and things these people say that led us to reflect or put theory into practice. From there the conversation moved deeper into the distinction between the two. You see, there are people who lead us to reflect (references) and there are people who lead us to action (role models). Interesting, right?

The fact is, we often muddle the two. We quote people all the time. We…

Servant Leadership: Open for Business

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The age of servant leadership is here. This is a practice rooted in a connection to people, an understanding of motivation and how sparking engagement from these motivations, leads to success, goal attainment, creativity and productivity. Servant leadership is not exemplified by senior leaders with humble intentions and a willingness to do entry-level tasks from time to time. It is not a display of relative humility and overreaching generosity. It is an intentional endowment of influence and an invitation to change-makers across all levels of an organization to help guide and lead the culture. …

Using Time to Influence Mindset

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In my coaching conversations, I often find that issuing a certain type of challenge to kickstart behavior change yields positive results. This isn’t a play to get someone to do what I think they “should” be doing. It’s a way to encourage the active investment of time and commitment to something they “want” to be doing. No one seeks guidance for a challenge they don’t want to overcome. No one has a desire to fail. …

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For those of us who’ve long understood the high value of culture as a driver of organizational health, it is wonderfully exciting to see it catching on like a wildfire across so many industries.

Not only does “culture eat strategy for breakfast” as the late management consultant Peter Drucker was known to say, culture eats more than that and needs one thing in particular to sustain its healthy appetite.

Without a focus on culture organizations forfeit their biggest investment — the people. As part of our role at any organization we are choosing to accept a commitment which requires us…

Do you mind?

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The mind is an extension of everything in your body and the seat of your consciousness. I look at the mind as an organic mass of energy that requires care, feeding and exercise just like anything else that needs to grow.

Ever had someone share their version or memory of something you did or said in the past and the impact it had on them? If you couldn’t remember it the same way, it may be that at the time your unconscious mind led you to an action your conscious mind didn’t get the memo for. If…

Leadership is not about you

Dear Leaders:

Leadership is not about you. It is about the people with whom you interact. How many of you were waiting to see if I’d say “ it is about the people being led”? Leadership isn’t about leading anyone. It is about stepping up to serve, to provide information, strategic guidance and insights to those who need it. Leadership is about what you give not what you take. Leadership Freak founder, Dan Rockwell writes,

“Great leaders are great because they:

  1. Have emotional intelligence.
  2. Reveal greatness in others.
  3. Know where they’re going and why.
  4. Engage.

Inclusion is not exclusive

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Beware the contradictions present during this time. Those of us who are aware of the need for rectification and massive course correction regarding racial injustice and those of us who are doing our part know how important it is to highlight the wrongs as well as help to heal the wounds so that we can walk forward. As we do this work it is ever more important not to break apart the path while laying it.

I’ve come across many statements of protest on social media lately that while informative, strike a divisive and possessive tone…

There are a universal set of behavioral rules around friendship. Some of them may be familiar to you. Rules like, “don’t rat your friend out”, “don’t date your friend’s ex”, and one of my favorites “even if you know it may hurt them, tell your friend what you saw/know if you believe they need to know.” That last one can be tough. It implies that we challenge our friends and our friendships and, when the time comes, they do the same with us.

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Challenging our friendships in this regard is being able to tell our friends hard truths in situations…

How Bad Can It Get?

Think of a time when you’ve been confronted by something out of the ordinary. Perhaps a colleague of yours who’s known for always being punctual suddenly doesn’t show up for work one day. Does your mind wander off to imagine that something less than favorable has happened? Or maybe you just have a blank in your mind with no assumption until you have the answer? It’s more likely that you’ve considered the worst case first, even if only for a brief moment. It’s true. Humans have a tendency to assume the worst, first. According to…

The Wahtah Effect

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